Empowering Restful Sleep: Sam Sadighi, the Sleep Coach behind Easy Sleep Solutions

As a former insomniac and a devoted mother who once felt the strain of sleepless nights, Sam Sadighi comprehends the challenges we face when our sleep suffers. Fortunately, she has left behind her restless nights and now, as a Certified Sleep Practitioner, she empowers individuals to reclaim the restful sleep they need. Through her company, Easy Sleep Solutions, Sam combines research and evidence-based techniques, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i), to help clients of all ages rediscover serenity in their slumber.

Based in South West London, Sam works with clients globally, guiding them towards uninterrupted nights of peaceful sleep over a period of 4 to 6 weeks. She also recognizes the power of knowledge and actively conducts talks and workshops within companies to emphasize the importance of sleep for employees.

“I must confess that I struggled significantly with sleep during my late 20s and early 30s,” shares Sam. “Back then, people didn’t really discuss it openly; they simply complained about feeling tired to their friends and family. It wasn’t until I pursued my BSc in Psychology as a mature student while coping with a baby who was awake for extended periods each night that I realized life didn’t have to be lived under the constant fog of exhaustion.”

A pivotal moment for Sam arrived unexpectedly during a holiday, when she met a child sleep consultant by the pool. By chance, the consultant offered Sam some advice that miraculously resolved her daughter’s sleep issues. It was at this precise moment that a lightbulb flickered in Sam’s mind, igniting her passion to assist others in overcoming their own sleep troubles and embarking on more fulfilling lives.

Initially focusing on aiding families struggling with their children’s sleep, Sam soon discovered her passion extended to sleep in general. She continued to expand her expertise and eventually became certified in CBT-i for adults and older children. Committed to staying up-to-date with the latest research, techniques, and qualifications, Sam continually hones her skills.

When asked to share some handy sleep tips, Sam underscores the importance of recognizing that our sleep experiences are as unique as we are as individuals. She advises against comparing our sleep performance with that of others. While 7 to 9 hours is often considered optimal for most adults, she emphasizes that quality triumphs over quantity. “Instead of forcing yourself to spend hours in bed because you think you should, remember that there are no ‘shoulds’ when it comes to sleep—only ‘coulds’.”

Sam further highlights the fundamental role sleep plays in our overall well-being, dubbing it the “bedrock” of health. She points out that poor sleep impacts us physically, mentally, and emotionally, while also increasing the risk of certain health conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and dementia.

In conclusion, Sam remarks, “While the notion of proudly wearing sleeplessness as a badge of honor is gradually shifting, we still have a way to go until individuals, parents, and employers truly understand how vital sleep truly is.” Indeed, sleep is not a luxury—it is an essential component of our well-being.

To explore the world of restorative slumber and embark on a sleep transformation journey, visit  and connect with Sam Sadighi on Twitter @easysleepsolutionsuk.

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