Ioana Rotaru: Understanding Relationships Through Childhood Wounds


In the realm of therapy, it’s easy to imagine a therapist as someone who has mastered emotional balance and possesses a flawless worldview. However, like many of us, Ioana Rotaru, founder of Ioana Rotaru Therapy, understands the complexities of human emotion and the lifelong journey towards healing.

Ioana’s journey into therapy began not from a place of inherent mastery, but from a deeply personal struggle with her own vulnerabilities. “Just like you, before I became a therapist, I came into the world as a vulnerable child,” Ioana reflects. Raised amidst varying degrees of love and care, she, like many, grappled with feelings of inadequacy and the constant battle for self-worth. “I craved connection with others while simultaneously pushing them away,” she recalls, highlighting a common dichotomy in human relationships.

Her pivotal moment came with the realization that understanding and owning her story was key to overcoming these challenges. “I learned to identify my patterns and manage my emotions,” Ioana shares. This self-awareness became the foundation upon which she built her therapeutic approach—one that focuses on helping others reconnect with their true selves, beyond the constraints of past trauma.

Since establishing her own practice, Ioana has immersed herself in professional growth, continually expanding her expertise through ongoing training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and related modalities such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT), and Schema Therapy. This commitment ensures that her therapeutic interventions remain grounded in the latest evidence-based practices, vital for supporting her clients effectively.

Ioana’s therapeutic philosophy revolves around understanding how early life experiences shape individuals’ beliefs about themselves and their relationships. “Your childhood wounds often dictate your behaviors and interactions in adulthood,” she explains. Whether grappling with issues like people-pleasing, perfectionism, or insecure attachment styles, Ioana provides a compassionate space to explore these dynamics and facilitate meaningful change.

In her practice, Ioana specializes not only in individual therapy but also in relationship coaching. For those navigating turbulent relationship waters—be it through conflict resolution, healing from betrayal, or improving communication—Ioana offers a supportive framework rooted in empathy and understanding. “I help clients unravel the complexities of their emotions and beliefs,” she says, “ultimately fostering healthier, more secure connections.”

Ioana’s approach is deeply collaborative, empowering clients to set and achieve their personal goals. Whether the aim is to cultivate healthier boundaries, manage anxiety, or find deeper meaning in life, she tailors her therapeutic strategies to meet each individual’s unique needs.


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Beyond her clinical work, Ioana is also a co-author of “The Feel Good Journals,” a series of guided journals designed to enhance emotional well-being, available globally on Amazon. This initiative underscores her commitment to making therapeutic tools accessible beyond the therapy room, fostering ongoing growth and reflection.

As Ioana Rotaru continues to evolve professionally and personally, her journey serves as a beacon of hope for those navigating their own paths toward healing and self-discovery. Through empathy, expertise, and a deep-rooted belief in the transformative power of understanding one’s story, Ioana invites her clients to embark on a journey of healing—one that embraces authenticity and resilience.

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