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Candle wax scrying and mirror scrying


Explore the magic of candle wax and mirror scrying with personalized rituals. Using beeswax candles and essential oils, I create mesmerizing images for profound insights. Mirror scrying offers a portal to the spirit realm, unveiling glimpses into your subconscious and the world. All rituals are handled with utmost care, ensuring a prepared and grounded space for revealing the unseen.

Cristina Harsan

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Candle wax scrying is another form of divination that creates images to be interpreted for you. Depending on your query, which is going to be added at the personalization section, I shall use specific candles (all of them are beeswax candles), of specific colours, I shall anoint them with specific pure essential oils, all of which are going to be represented by the images provided at the end of the ritual. The results are astonishing forms created in the water from the dripping of the candle. Those forms are interpreted so that you can get the most of your query. Mirror scrying is one of my favourite divination rituals. It acts as a portal to the other side, where spirits can be contacted. It is a powerful way to gain insights into your own subconscious and the world around you. All rituals are handled with the utmost reverence and care, taking the time to prepare myself in a quiet space, grounded and ready to see the unseen.


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