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Human design chart


Imagine your Human Design as a unique piece of jewelry, intricately crafted by the Universe. Comprising nine centres, 36 channels, and 64 gates, it reveals insights about your true nature. These centres act like chakras, regulating life-energy, and the channels shape and modify this energy into specific qualities. Your Human Design, a reflection of interconnected energies, influences your interactions in relationships, whether in love, business, or friendship. Understanding these dynamics unveils the undercurrents in all associations, aligning with the basic principles of quantum physics. To receive your detailed chart, share your full name, date of birth, birth time, and place when placing your order.

Cristina Harsan

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Imagine your Human Design as an intricate precious piece of jewellery – sheer bedazzling craftsmanship as created by the Universe. We each have nine brilliant jewels within us, represented by the square, triangular or diamond shapes around the illustrative body. These are the nine centres that form the foundation of our design. They are known as the Crown, the Mind, the Throat, the Self, the Heart, the Spleen, the Sacral, the Emotions and the Root. These shining stones are set within an intricate framework of 36 narrow “channels”. At either end of those channels are numbers denoting the 64 “gates” that determine the cut and polish of the jewels. So, each Human Design life chart contains 9 centres, 36 channels and 64 gates, all with something to say about our true nature and role in life. The nine centres are effectively chakras, energy centres which, like opening and closing valves, regulate the flow of energy throughout our being. It is not physical energy, but life energy which has resided within us since birth. Each centre, in its own unique way, receives, assimilates, modifies and expresses this energy, turning it into a human function, perception, awareness, instinct or behaviour. It flows through us, and out of us, every second of every day, connecting us to everyone around us. Connecting the centres is the framework of 36 channels through which the flow of energy passes. These channels, therefore, enhance, shape and modify energy into more precise qualities, traits and abilities. At either end of each channel is a number relating to the 64 gates which represent the DNA of your true nature, the imprint left by neutrinos. Each person has the same 64 numbers in the same place – the configuration is rigid within each and every design – but some of the gates are ‘on’ and some ‘off’, creating yet more specific components of your design. We examine all these layers further in the book, as well as the other components that make up your design. For now, just take a look at the symbols and numbers you’ll see in the top left-hand corner of your chart. You will observe many numbers in both black and pink. Each number corresponds to a gate and, therefore, a specific trait, determining whether it’s an unconscious or conscious aspect of you. Your Human Design, therefore, is always affected by the energies of those with whom you engage in love, business or friendship. It is a system which is interconnected, like humanity itself. Once you have a grasp how different designs interface, engage and communicate, you’re better able to understand the dynamics and under currents running beneath all relationships and associations. It is basic quantum physics – the fact that everything in the Universe consists of vibrations and energy and that we are an integral part of that same energy. I’m not going to indulge in such complexities in this book. All that needs to be understood is something which is supported by science – that the nine centres of the Human Design system interface between the Universe’s energy and the energy within all of us, translating it into individual functions and expressions. You are going to receive a full chart, with the thorough explanation of your type, strategy, authority (the way you make decisions), definition, profile, incarnation cross, not self-theme, your strongest sense and obviously your centres, channels and gates. All I need to know is to have your full name, DOB, hour and minute of birth, and place of birth, information that can be provided while completing your order (personalization section).

Cristina Harsan


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