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Personal sigil


Elevate your essence with a bespoke sigil designed just for you! Whether for enhanced capacities, wealth, or success, you’re in the right place. Our personal sigils, infused with sacred geometry, bring forth powerful symbols like vesica pisces and Metatron’s cube. Receive a step-by-step guide in a detailed PDF on how to use your unique sigil, drawn and charged with wisdom and reverence. Embrace the transformative energy and be blessed!

Cristina Harsan


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Want to use a symbol specifically created for you to enhance your capacities and to represent the essence of what you really are? Or do you want to use a symbol for your wealth? Or success? Then this is the right place for you to be. Personal sigils are intertwined with sacred geometry. Dots, lines, triangles, circles, spirals can be used to form intricate patterns: vesica pisces, seed of life, flower of life, tree of life, star of David, Metatron’s cube, Sri Yantra, Torus Yantra, eternal knot, etc. These are some of the sacred geometry symbols. Your personal sigil shall be explained in depth in the pdf document provided to you, step by step, including how to use it, when and where to use it. I will use all my wisdom and reverence into creating a custom sigil, specifically created for the purpose intended. First, I am going to draw the sigil, then charge it and then describe anything that is being channelled through me. May you be blessed!



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