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Reiki ritual


Reiki channels universal energy through the practitioner’s hands to facilitate healing in specific areas of the recipient. This gentle yet potent practice taps into our innate ability to heal ourselves and others, addressing physical discomfort as a signal to adjust lifestyle and mindset. Operating on various levels—emotional, spiritual, mental, etheric, astral, and causal—Reiki is a gift encoded in the genetic makeup of all living beings, connecting our higher self to the universal life force. In our modern world, where reliance on technology has overshadowed ancestral skills, Reiki serves as a catalyst for rebalancing. Certified for seven years, I guarantee 100% efficiency in sessions lasting 60 minutes, available in-person or remotely.

Cristina Harsan

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Reiki is the universal energy channelled through the hands of the practitioner to the places the person needs healing. It is very subtle and gentle, yet very powerful. I have always been fascinated by our capacity to heal our own body and others’ bodies. When the pain reaches the body, it is normally the very basic way we can realise that we need to adjust our lifestyle, our way of thinking. It works on emotional, spiritual, mental, etheric, astral and causal level. Reiki is the gift of vitality and self-preservation encoded into the genetic makeup of all creatures. It is the higher self’s connection to the universal energy that breathes life into all living things. We are all born with the omniscient wisdom to heal and preserve life. All living things are connected. Our ancestors used and relied on their own abilities and instincts. Unfortunately, these basic skills have been forgotten and are rarely used today. Humanity in its relentless ambition for progress has given up its most precious and natural gift. Through the media and clever advertising campaigns most of the world’s population have been conditioned to rely heavily on modern technology at the expense of their own birth right. There is a need for humanity to become re-balanced. Instead of giving up responsibility for one’s life and health, it is vitally important to regain equilibrium between ancient and modern technology. Reiki is the catalyst. I have been a certified practitioner in this field for 7 years now and the results are 100% guaranteed in terms of efficiency. The sessions usually last for 60 minutes and they can be performed in person or remotely (it works the same).

Cristina Harsan


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