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Vintage Divya GajaLaskshmi Oil Lamp


The lamp is crafted in a traditional and ornate design, featuring the figure of Gajalakshmi, a Hindu goddess symbolizing prosperity, wealth, and abundance. She is depicted sitting on a lotus flower with elephants on each side, adorning the lamp’s base. The lamp’s body is adorned with intricate engravings and motifs. Gajalakshmi is a representation of the divine feminine energy and embodies the blessings of good fortune, prosperity, and well-being. The elephants on either side of her symbolize strength, royalty, and the removal of obstacles. The presence of Gajalakshmi in homes is believed to bring auspiciousness and divine blessings to the household lighting the lamp during meditation or prayer creates a serene and sacred ambiance, fostering a deeper connection with the divine. Weighing almost 2 kgs and measuring 9 inches in height, this oil lamp is substantial and sturdily built, adding to its overall appeal and value.

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